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"La Castagna" reported on Bell’Italia


The beautiful article by Auretta Moresi about the lands of Fiano di Avellino cites our Hotel-Restaurant:

"In OSPEDALETTO ALPINOLO - Lunch in altitude with the specialties of the forest. Not far from the famous Sanctuary of Montevergine and surrounded by a forest of chestnut trees, 725 meters above sea level, the Hotel La Castagna kitchen is very closely linked to the land that is around him. To taste the mushrooms and chestnuts, wild boar, homemade pasta and gnocchi with the treasures of the forest, including truffles. Excellent lamb and roast pork, stuffed with chestnut cream. Desserts: Mont Blanc, chestnut and lemon tarts. Dinner must be booked and lunch is always laden and, with mushrooms and truffles, it costs € 25-35. Double rooms, simple, cost from € 45 with breakfast. "

Thanks to Auretta Moresi and Bell’Italia!


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